RIPT Fitness | Testimonials
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I tried the free week in June and immediately bought a membership. The classes fly by and every workout is different so I’m never bored. The instructors are excellent. Not only are they motivating but they make sure I have the right form so I know I’m doing the exercise correctly. I’ve never felt stronger!

– Rhonda L

Amazing place to workout! I was hooked after the first class. The classes help increase speed, endurance and strength. The trainers and staff are motivational and educated to help clients meet their goals. My main reason for loving this place is that the workouts are never the same.

Mary K

Great place to workout. Classes are tough, but fun. Awesome trainers. Very welcoming owners who care about all of their members. Owners go the extra mile to keep us motivated, healthy, and happy to return for more. The best workout around. Come give RiPT a try, you will see results immediately.

– Sandy S

Unbelievable workouts, great trainers (who become friends), and healthy motivation from your fellow class participants. Highly recommend!

– Jason H

The absolute best workout in Northeast Ohio! Have seen so much improvement in my speed, strength, and endurance. All the trainers are so welcoming and genuinely care about their clients. I recommend RiPT to all my friends and family!

– Melissa D

I joined RIPT 2 years ago it is by far the best workout I have ever done. The staff is amazing… Great people, great gym, great workout!

– Nikki G

I love the workouts at RiPT! The trainers are awesome, they make sure you are doing the exercises with the correct form. Great workouts!

– Lynda P

I took my free week back in March and the bought the 30 class special. I have never had the same workout. 45 minutes has never gone so fast. The instructors are well trained and keep me motivated the whole time. Amy, the manager is very nice and always has time to answer questions. I am so happy I found RiPT! Take your free class you have nothing to lose, except maybe inches and weight!

– Donna L

RiPT isn’t just a fitness studio, it’s a community encouraging one another in their goals. The trainers are welcoming to all fitness level. They are knowledgeable and helpful in assisting you to reach your fitness/nutrition goals. The workouts will make you sweat and keep coming back for more!

– Alyssa L

I looooove RIPT! It is a place where you can find wonderful caring trainers who are knowledgeable, certified, trustworthy, welcoming, kind, and will get you great results. I’ve belonged to many gyms and programs and worked with many trainers. This is by far the best fitness bang for cardio, strength and obtaining health goals.

– Mindy G

I tried RiPT and immediately bought a membership. I moved to the area in October and have struggled to find a gym that I love. I need the 5 or 5:30 am classes because of my work schedule. They have a 5:30 am M-F! They are also the most reasonably priced gym I’ve been to. The trainers are AMAZING and are very positive and motivating! I can’t say enough great things about RiPT. If your hesitant, just try it. You will not regret it!!

– Meghan S