Why You Should Reach For a Smoothie Post-Workout and/or for Breakfast

Reaching for a smoothie just might be the perfect post-exercise pick me up and ideal breakfast on the go! Not only are smoothies tasty, they pack a powerful nutritious punch.

After an exhausting workout, your body and muscles should be exhausted and smoothies have the ability to help your body rebuild and come back stronger the […]

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Importance of a Dynamic Warmup

The moment you register for a RiPT class, it’s pretty well known that you’re signing up for a tough, sweaty workout. If you’ve ever participated in a RiPT workout, then you know the measure of intensity and fitness we provide for you here.

What you’ll also recall from participating in a RiPT workout (or if you […]

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What Your Resting Heart Rate Says About You

We’ve all had our heart rate measured at one point or another, either at the doctor’s office, during a RiPT workout or maybe you use your own heart rate monitoring device for your workouts at home. You might even have a Fitbit or Polar device that measures your heart rate throughout the day. It seems […]

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Should you eat prior to your workout?

I’ve overheard clients asking trainers this question countless times. This question in particular tends to pop up after a client’s workout doesn’t go as planned because they lacked energy and forgot to eat something beforehand. So, the simple answer is yes, you should definitely eat something before a RiPT class or an intense workout.

The body […]

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Five Benefits You Reap From Exercise Besides Weight loss

We all know exercise can help us keep our waistlines trimmer and even drop a few pounds, but what about the host of other health benefits exercise has to offer?

Helps those battling depression.

Exercise releases endorphins — endorphins make you feel good. I’m sure many of you have heard of “runner’s high” before or maybe […]

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How to Ease Muscle Soreness After a Tough Workout

We’ve all been there. It’s the morning after an intense workout and you’re so sore you can barely get out of bed, much less walk like a normal human being. I’m sure many of you have experienced this after a RiPT class.

While there isn’t an immediate fix for sore muscles, there are a few things […]

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What are the Benefits of Foam Rolling?

Tired of slow recovery, decreased flexibility and mobility, and sore or tight muscles after a tough workout? No worries, a foam roller might just be your saving grace. Foam rolling is myofascial release performed by you and is an acceptable substitute for a massage therapist’s hands.

Foam rollers are essentially like a rolling pin for your […]

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Fascinating Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Hemp Seeds

Often, when hemp seeds are mentioned images of hippies and funkadelic clothing, among other things might be conjured up in your mind’s eye. Yes, hemp is related to marijuana and actually comes from the same species of plant. But don’t worry, hemp has minuscule traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and you definitely won’t feel any ill […]

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7 Inspirational Tips and Tricks to Guarantee Your Workout Gets Checked Off of Your To-Do List

When you’re having a hard time completing your workouts, lack of motivation could be to blame. Check out these simple tips and tricks that will have you itching to get your next workout in and back on your game in no time!

Get your workout gear before it’s time to go!

Getting dressed and ready […]

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Why Rest Days Should be an Essential Part of Your Fitness Regimen

In this day and age, the mentality is often go, go, go. More is better and rest often takes a backseat. But, rest is an important part of working out and should be a part of your fitness regimen if you plan to see any fitness gains, weight loss or increases in performance. Even professional […]

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