What Is RiPT?

At Ript Fitness, our mission is to change the way people approach health and fitness in today’s society while providing a new and exciting atmosphere, making it fun to exercise!
Using interval training as the primary vehicle, RiPT workouts drive fat stores from the body while building lean muscle tissue. By monitoring heart rates of our clients, our trainers are able to accurately and appropriately push and motivate individuals to get the absolute most out of their workout.
No one else in Cleveland can offer this workout! No one! Come and try the RiPT workout and you will leave knowing why we’re the best out there!
RiPT clients get results – period. There is no catch, there is no hidden step to take. This is a workout style that works because of fundamental physiology. Yet, the atmosphere and trainers keep you coming back for more.

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Our Workouts Feature:


Woodway Curve Treadmills

The Curve forces the user to turn the belt on their own power – which means a 30% increase in metabolic expenditure, greater recruitment of posterior chain muscles, and more results.

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Polar Heart Rate Tracking

All RiPT workouts utilize Polar, a new innovative heart rate monitoring system that tracks raw heart rate, percentage of heart rate max, effort level, and calories burned. Access your stats anywhere, anytime.  

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“Spot Reduction doesn’t exist”….or does it? The RiPT Spot Reduction Training (SRT) workout is designed to specifically target your stubborn body fat areas to achieve the look you want.

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